Own Your Business
instead of Being Owned
by Your Business

Learn How Small Business Owners are Systemizing and Automating Their Way to a
Better Life

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Because You Should Enjoy Your Life

With the Right Systems, You Can Have a Thriving Business and a Great Life at the
Same Time

Finally, a Way for Small Businesses to Thrive

Easy = A Business Results Systems Membership provides tools and easy, actionable steps for busy small
business owners.
Affordable = For one low monthly price, you get access to the community, and all of the training, tips,
and answers you need.
Comprehensive = Our team of experts gives you everything you need to turn your business into a well-
oiled machine.

Scale Your Business

Finally implement the processes and systems that will enable you to grow and scale

Do Good by Your Staff

Reduce stress by creating processes to follow, along with training, measurement, and support. If you don’t have staff yet, this will enable to you to hire right and set up neew people for success

Get Your Life Back

Stop wearing 12 hats and being overworked. Life is short. Be there for your family and friends while also having a successful business

Build and Scale and Business of Your Dreams

So Much Tech, So Much Overwhelm

We understand that the business landscape is changing every day, and it seems like the
deck is stacked against you. We understand it because we live it every day. Technology can
be daunting and ever changing, and managing people effectively is always a chore. The
challenge is real - and it’s not understood by those who haven’t run their own business.

We’ll Help You Break Through so You can Grow AND Gain Freedom

We are a team of industry veterans, here to provide the support team you need to support you
in achieving the business of your dreams. We assembled a team of resources with years of
experience in small business and big corporate industries to guide you with the most
comprehensive set of tools to a thriving business - without breaking the bank. We’ve helped
many businesses just like yours.

Ways to Join


$49.97 / mo

 Automate Your Business!
Access to the Business Process Management Masterclass to learn all the skills for creating your processes and choosing your systems.
Enjoy access to your membership portal: 
Access to the library of business training learn all the skills for defining processes, assembling the components for automation, training your staff or contractors to use your systems, and configuring your automations.
Access to Private VIP Facebook Group: 
Weekly Q&A Sessions and group discussions, and weekly hot seat discussions.
Group Coaching
Monthly Challenges
Exclusive Invitations to Live Events and Online Summits: 
Meet and network with other members
Member Discounts:
Master Classes and special Events at discounted rates
Membership renews monthly, but you may cancel at any time.
You will be grandfathered at this rate for as long as you are a member.



Automate Your Business!
Access to the Business Process Management Masterclass to learn all the skills for creating your processes and choosing your systems.
Everything in the monthly membership, plus: 
One Hot Seat per Year: 
Get your business reviewed and your personal questions answered during a group coaching session. 



Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

Everything in the monthly membership, plus:
One hot seat per year:
Get your business reviewed and your personal questions answered
One Extra Hot Seat Your First Year:  
Get your business reviewed and questions answered a second time during first year
Invite a Friends:
Your Friend will get a complimentary annual membership when you buy lifetime membership
You will never have to pay again for your membership

How to Systemize and Automate Your Business

Step 1: Click the
Invitation Link

Click Below to Join the Arrival Strategy Community.

Step 2: Choose
Membership Option

Choose your membership option Monthly, annual, or Lifetime.

Lifetime memberships will be available for a limited time.

Step 3: Build Your
Dream Business

Build your plans, your authority, your sales, your business, and your legacy.

At Business Results Systems, we know that you’ve worked hard to establish your business and serve
your customers and you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor having a thriving business while also
enjoying a great life. In order to do that, you need to have the right support team in your corner. The
problem is that you’re working so hard running your business, which makes you feel stressed and
burned out.
We understand that you work long and stressful days to serve your customers at high level, which is why
we provide the tools and resources to systemize and automate the processes of your business, so you’ll
be able to delegate effectively, have systems run your business, and have less stress. Here’s how we do
it: we bring in new members 3-4 times a year, work with them on defining their processes and installing
their systems, and they build and scale their business where they can continue to do great work for their
customers, do well for themselves, and enjoy a work-life balance that enables you to focus on things
that really matter.
So, request your spot in our community, and in the mean time learn how to build your business with
your expert positioning by downloading our free blueprint that will show you how to stop feeling
overwhelmed and instead feel confident that your hard work will enable you to thrive in both business
and life.

The Six Steps to Easy Business Automation

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